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  1. I Know Better

From the album I Know Better

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(Intro) Sing me that song, that you wish you had sung, when you went to her window and saw she was gone. Make sure it’s simple and make sure it’s sweet, cause you’ve only a moment to knock me off me feet.
(Verse) All that I need is a new wind to blow. Than this December darkness that keeps me so low. My heart is as beaten as the path to your door and I can’t quite remember my excuses no more.
(Chorus) And I know better, yeah I know better, I know better. Than to open that door and let you walk back in, ‘cause you remind me of things I’ve been trying to forget. I clamp on to your skin cause I ain’t done with you yet. And the bite marks will fade long before the regret. And I know better (x3)

(Verse) Poison my mouth with a kiss from your lips, and I’ll leave all my skin under your fingertips. Make it seem real before you are through cause I know that you’ll leave just like you always do. Take me away to a place I forget that you never seen sunrise through my window yet. My soul is heavy, my eyes are tired, and I keep hoping that this time you won’t say goodbye.
(Instrumental, outro)