From the album I Know Better

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(Verse) Can’t you see me? Can’t you feel my heart beating? Can’t you hear me breathing air, from clear across the room? Can’t you see my eyes? They’re not supposed to be this color. It’s not supposed to take this long for Spring to come to bloom. You moved north up the seaboard. I was living in my head. I went looking for a reason, and I found the night instead.
(Chorus) And I can feel the night start to fall away. I can feel my senses dim. I can feel the night start to fall away from me. Every mistake I’ve ever made. I’m gonna make again. I’m gonna make it. I can feel the night. I can feel the night. I can feel the night.
(Verse) When we were younger I swear everything was golden. I swear everything was shrouded in the light behind our eyes. But now that’s over and every day I’m getting older. And I’m getting over getting through and barely getting by. And in a while I’ll be sleeping, and when I’m sleeping I’ll be fine. And in the morning you will find out the way that I feel all the time.
(Bridge) And I’m sending you this letter to make sure you know I’m still here. And I hope that there are flowers where it reaches you my dear. And I can see the morning, through my window filled with light. And I can get through anything if I can make it through the night.